Compliance Fundamentals

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Compliance Fundamentals

Review the following list of basic compliance issues that apply to campus Service Centers serving Ledger 5 Projects. (For the  Service Center Waiver referenced in the second note below, please access it by clicking here.)


In addition to the notes in the chart above, the following are also important requirements:

  • C&G projects must be charged the lowest rate. No one can be charged a lower rate than the C&G project and absolutely no “free” usage is allowed.
  • Rates cannot be set to subsidize any unbilled usage in the Service Center. No one can get the services for free and all users must pay their fair share.
  • Account code 54998 must be used when billing service fees to C&G projects (project IDs that begin with a “5”).
  • Use rates must be revised at least every two years (as well as when necessary as described in the chart above).
  • An Annual Service Center Certification must be signed by the Director or Dean to ensure that the colleges are aware of their compliance requirements when charging C&G projects.

Required Documentation and Tracking

Service Centers must keep accounting records and usage logs to comply with University and federal requirements. Below are sample requirements: