Equipment Depreciation

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Equipment Depreciation

Before reviewing the CG-006 form calculations, note the following requirements regarding equipment depreciation.

  • Self supportive service centers (account administered through the Controller’s Office) can only use equipment purchased with the following funds:
    • Service Center Funds
    • Ledger 6, 7, or overhead receipt funds
    • Truly donated equipment
  • Lower half ledger 3 projects can use all funding sources in their equipment depreciation, with the exception of ledger 5.
  • Depreciation cannot be listed for equipment that is being used as Cost Sharing for a ledger 5 project.
  • We must subtract the amount of federal funding received to purchase any equipment before calculating any depreciation. (See example that follows.)
  • All equipment must have a valid Asset Management tag number (previously CAMS ID number) to be included in the rate form.

Equipment Depreciation Costs on the CG-006 Form

The Equipment Depreciation section of an example is displayed below with a link to the instructions (opens in new window or tab).


Costs Calculations on Page 2 of the CG-006 Form

The Equipment Depreciation section of an example, along with an explanation of the calculations is displayed below.